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April 18, 2024

Breezeway, Airbnb, RentalWise

Breezeway is now a partner of Airbnb, Breezeway also has a seamless integration with RentalWise

Have you heard about the new partnership between Breezeway and Airbnb? Are you trying to connect Breezeway to Airbnb? Look no further than the RentalWise platform's seamless Breezeway integration. This innovative integration simplifies the process of linking Breezeway to Airbnb and offers an array of benefits for hosts and property managers well beyond the 1x1 connection. Hosts and property managers using Breezeway via RentalWise can also distribute their properties easily to & VRBO, as well as a free website generator and booking engine.

We are excited for our partner, Breezeway as they announced their official partnership with Airbnb this month. Breezeway's ability to bring automation and operational insights to hosts and property managers revolutionizes the way they can manage their rental properties.

By seamlessly integrating with Airbnb, Breezeway empowers hosts and property managers to streamline their operations, encompassing scheduling cleaning and property preparation. This is achieved through the use of intelligent checklists and automated messaging and workflows, all geared towards ensuring a consistent and predictable guest experience. Breezeway leverages Airbnb's reviews API to provide hosts and property managers with the unique abilities for specific tasks and property workflows. This innovative approach offers invaluable insights derived from review data, allowing property managers to pinpoint areas such as home quality, cleaning procedures, or other operational aspects that may require further attention and support. For the thousands of Breezeway clients who also utilize third-party property management systems like RentalWise, this means they can swiftly identify what's working effectively and make necessary improvements to enhance the guest experience, ultimately resulting in higher-quality stays.

What sets this partnership apart is its ability to simplify the preparation, communication, and service delivery to guests. With fully integrated messaging between Breezeway and Airbnb, hosts and property managers gain the capability to view and respond to Airbnb message threads directly within the Breezeway platform. Detailed property information is readily available to address guest inquiries, and automatic updates can be sent to guests when a property is ready for check-in or when the status of service requests changes. Additionally, Breezeway's offerings, such as Breezeway Guide (a personalized digital welcome book) and Breezeway Assist (a 24-hour call-service bolstered by Breezeway's AI-driven engine), seamlessly integrate with Airbnb through this partnership.

In the words of Jeremy Gall, CEO and Founder of Breezeway, "We're thrilled to become an official Airbnb Software Partner. We share a commitment to helping hosts and property managers create consistent hospitality experiences at unique and authentic homes. Breezeway automates these workflows and reduces errors, helping hosts and property managers consistently meet guest expectations."

The integration of Airbnb review insights into Breezeway equips property managers and hosts with invaluable data that directly ties property preparation tasks and activities to guest reviews. This groundbreaking technology fosters operational excellence and ultimately leads to enhanced guest experiences, resulting in higher ratings and increased bookings.

Breezeway, renowned for its platform dedicated to managing the upkeep and cleanliness of short-term rental properties, has been instrumental in assisting thousands of hosts and property managers in delivering top-notch hospitality experiences to millions of guests across over 250,000 homes spanning 80 countries.

But that's not all. In addition to this exciting partnership with Airbnb, Breezeway has also seamlessly recently integrated with RentalWise. This integration opens up a world of opportunities for hosts and property managers. With RentalWise, not only can you connect to Airbnb but also to VRBO, Booking, and Google Vacation Rentals, broadening your reach and enhancing your property management capabilities. It's a game-changer in the vacation rental industry, offering unparalleled convenience and efficiency.

Breezeway's official partnership with Airbnb, coupled with its seamless integration with RentalWise, marks a significant advancement in the vacation rental management landscape. It empowers hosts and property managers to deliver exceptional guest experiences while expanding their reach across multiple platforms, solidifying their position as leaders in the industry.


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