Effortlessly streamline task management with RentalWise.

Take command of operations and effectively manage teams with RentalWise task management software. Make the wise choice for your business success.

RentalWise Task Management Features

Do more with RentalWise. Utilize our all-in-one vacation rental platform for your task management needs.

Centralized Platform

All Reservations with RentalWise.

Consolidate vacation rental tasks with RentalWise. Say goodbye to juggling multiple systems for guest information, check-in times, or cleaning schedules. Everything you need is wisely located in one place.

Leverage smart workflows to keep teams informed. Whether it's reservation turnover or, sales adjustments, RentalWise ensures nothing slips through the cracks.

Teams & Homeowners

One Platform, One Team.

Effortlessly manage check-in agents, cleaning staff, rental managers, or administrators - all from one comprehensive platform. Empower teams by defining roles and responsibilities.

Streamline homeowner reporting and operations with a wise overview of performance. Distribute tasks and maintain a clear, concise view of your team's functionality with RentalWise/

Zapier to Go

Zap it Right.

Unique solutions are always in need with short-term rentals. RentalWise can be tailored to meet even the most specific requirements of property managers and homeowners with Zapier integration.

Access to a vast ecosystem of software solutions with RentalWise and Zapier. Task management tools like Asana are immediately available, making your rental management smarter.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions, RentalWise has answers. Don't see your answer below? Contact us to learn more.

How does the software streamline communication and collaboration among team members responsible for different tasks?

The software streamlines communication and collaboration among team members responsible for different tasks through various features. With our Unified Inbox, you can easily keep in touch with your team directly within the platform. Additionally, for overall team collaboration, you have the functionality to build teams, enabling you to manage check-in agents, cleaning staff, rental managers, or administrators efficiently. This ensures smooth coordination and effective task management across all aspects of property management.

How can I use the software to prioritize and schedule tasks based on property occupancy and booking schedules?
Does the software offer features for integrating task management with third-party service providers for cleaning, maintenance, and repairs?
Can I integrate task management functionalities with channel management features to ensure seamless coordination across multiple platforms?
Does the software offer mobile access and offline capabilities for task management on the go?

Benefits of RentalWise PMS

Our platform is designed specifically for vacation rental professionals: homeowners, managers, and distributors.

Easy Set Up

You don’t need to be tech-savvy with RentalWise vacation rental software. Designed with care, easy to set up, built for everyone.

Save Time

Manage reservations from a centralized dashboard. Save time, avoid double bookings, and optimize your processes.

Save Money

An industry leading short term rental platform at a fraction of the price. No set up fees, no commissions. Simple, fair pricing.

Live Support

Our Wise Guys team is ready to help. RentalWise supports users through onboarding with real-time chat and video calls.

See RentalWise Task Management in Action

Enjoy our centralized property management system to manage calendars, bookings, rates and payments for all your properties.