Custom websites connected via API, powered by RentalWise booking engine.

Connect any website to RentalWise via our Open API. Properties, reservations, communications and guest information available via webhooks and calls.

RentalWise Website Builder Benefits

Do more with RentalWise. Utilize our all-in-one vacation rental platform for your short term rental website generator needs.

Free Website

Free Website Builder.

RentalWise website generator is specifically designed for the needs of short-term rental businesses. Direct bookings are streamlined with secure online payments, all in one place, all for free.

Reap the rewards with RentalWise website tools. Manage the vacation rental market with confidence, knowing you've chosen the wise solution for your website needs.

No Commissions

Your Site, No Fees.

RentalWise website generator, designed for short-term rentals, is completely free. Your direct bookings and payments are yours. There are no commissions with RentalWise.

Unlike other platforms that charge fees, RentalWise doesn't get between you and your income. With RentalWise, keep 100% of your revenue and manage your short term rental business with wisdom.

Easy Set-Up

Easy Breezy.

RentalWise vacation rental website generator couldn't be easier. Start with free onboarding and get your new short term rental website started in a matter of minutes.

Start with a fee domain and you're website is online in just one click. With RentalWise website builder, your site is ready. Simply drag and drop components to customize. Take online bookings today.

Easy Use API

Your Site, Connected.

Harness RentalWise's open API to streamline your vacation rental operations. User-friendly API makes it a breeze to build and connect custom websites to various endpoints such as properties, reservations, and guests.

Our API is designed with flexibility in mind, allowing for seamless integration with your existing systems. Make the wise choice and let RentalWise's open API simplify your short-term rental management.

Dev Support

Seamless Support.

Our dedicated dev support team is always on hand to help you get started, ensuring your custom website is seamlessly connected to all necessary endpoints.

As your business evolves, we'll be there to provide ongoing assistance, ensuring your API integration continues to serve your needs effectively. Choose RentalWise for a wise, future-proof solution, backed by a team of experts committed to your success.

No Fees

Your Site, No Fees.

Experience RentalWise open API without the burden of fees. Our powerful API allows you to build and connect custom vacation rental websites to essential endpoints like properties, reservations, and guests, all at no extra cost.

Our flexible website API integrates effortlessly with your existing systems, making it the wise, cost-effective choice for your short-term rental management.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions, RentalWise has answers. Don't see your answer below? Contact us to learn more.

Are all features included in my subscription?

We value simplicity, especially in our pricing. Alternative vacation rental platforms require serious inquiry to figure out features and pricing, RentalWise is crystal clear. Your subscription is a low monthly fee per property, per month. There are NO commissions, NO percentages of revenue, NO set-up fees, NO longterm contracts, and your subscription includes access to ALL RentalWise features. Everything in one platform, all at a simple price.

What channels do you support?
Is it easy to migrate from another PMS?
How does the Free Trial work?

Benefits of RentalWise Website Builder

Our platform is designed specifically for vacation rental professionals: homeowners, managers, and distributors.

Easy Set Up

You don’t need to be tech-savvy with RentalWise website builder software. Designed with care, easy to set up, built for everyone.

Save Time

Manage direct website bookings from a centralized dashboard. Stay organized, save time, and optimize your short term rental processes.

Save Money

An industry leading vacation rental website generator included with RentalWise. No set up fees, no commissions. Your site, with RentalWise websites.

Live Support

Our Wise Guys are ready. RentalWise support is available for website set-up and troubleshooting with real-time chat and video calls.

See RentalWise Website Builder in Action

Enjoy our vacation rental website generator to create beautifully branded websites at the click of a button. No coding required.