Bitcoin payments and Web3 blockchain for your vacation rentals.

RentalWise reservation management software integrates with leading Web3 partners to enable Bitcoin and other crypto payments for short term rentals.

RentalWise Platform Benefits

Do more with RentalWise. Utilize our all-in-one vacation rental platform for your short term rental business.

Crypto Payments

Secure Crypto Processing.

Accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express via our seamless Stripe integration, and now Bitcoin if you're interestd in crypto for your vacation rentals. Make transactions a breeze with RentalWise.

Support for cyrpto payments keeps things safe and anonymous, while payment pages in all currencies wisely monetize standard vacation rental revenue.


Wisely handle Wallets.

Embrace the future of transactions with RentalWise, by accepting Bitcoin for your vacation rentals. As an innovative platform in the short-term rental market, we understand the importance of staying ahead of the curve. That's why we've integrated Bitcoin payments, offering you a wise choice for a diversified and modern payment method.

With RentalWise, you're not just renting wisely, you're also transacting wisely. Step into the new age of digital currency and let RentalWise facilitate your journey towards financial innovation.


Secure Blockchain Reservations.

At RentalWise, we partner with nnovative comapnies like Dtravel using blockchain technology. Our integrated, blockchain-based reservation system ensures absolute transparency and trust, eliminating the risk of double-bookings or fraudulent listings.

With RentalWise, you're not just making a wise choice, you're choosing a secure, reliable, and advanced platform that puts your needs first. Our blockchain technology guarantees that every transaction is recorded and verifiable, providing peace of mind for property managers and homeowners alike.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions, RentalWise has answers. Don't see your answer below? Contact us to learn more.

Are all features included in my subscription?

We value simplicity, especially in our pricing. Alternative vacation rental platforms require serious inquiry to figure out features and pricing, RentalWise is crystal clear. Your subscription is a low monthly fee per property, per month. There are NO commissions, NO percentages of revenue, NO set-up fees, NO longterm contracts, and your subscription includes access to ALL RentalWise features. Everything in one platform, all at a simple price.

What channels do you support?
Is it easy to migrate from another PMS?
How does the Free Trial work?

Benefits of RentalWise Booking Platform

Our platform is designed specifically for vacation rental professionals: homeowners, managers, and distributors.

Easy Set Up

You don’t need to be tech-savvy with RentalWise vacation rental software. Designed with care, easy to set up, built for everyone.

Save Time

Manage reservations from a centralized dashboard. Save time, avoid double bookings, and optimize your processes.

Save Money

An industry leading short term rental platform at a fraction of the price. No set up fees, no commissions. Simple, fair pricing.

Live Support

Our Wise Guys team is ready to help. RentalWise supports users through onboarding with real-time chat and video calls.

See RentalWise Booking System in Action

Enjoy our centralized reservation and property management system to manage calendars, bookings, rates and payments for all your properties.