10 Methods: How to Capitalize on Last Minute Bookings

  1. Adjust your Minimum Nights Policy: Allow for shorter stays to appeal to last-minute travelers. Create rules to automatically adjust or notify you for orphaned periods.
  2. Adjust your Rates: Use a dynamic pricing strategy and/or tool to make your rentals more attractive and rank higher on OTA search engines.
  3. Provide Additional Incentives: Offer complimentary gifts or experiences, early check-ins or late check-outs to entice guests.
  4. Respond Rapidly: Automate guest communications, especially on inquiries, to quickly respond to guests.
  5. Discount Gap Days for Guests: Reach out to guests booked before or after a gap and offer a discount to increase occupancy and revenue.
  6. Offer Discounts: 53% of travelers are motivated to take a trip when they find a good deal. You can even raise rates, just to discount them back.
  7. Communicate your Special Offerings: Advertise deals and incentives across digital platforms to increase visibility.
  8. Reach out to Old Guests: Send emails to past guests to increase repeat bookings.
  9. Advertise: Use Google, Facebook, and Instagram ads to increase visibility of last-minute deals. Use Booking CTAs and timelines.
  10. List on Last Minute Booking Platforms: GetawayGoGo and Whimstay are specific platforms for last minute reservations.