April 18, 2024

New Integration - Webready

RentalWise Vacation Rental Platform introduces Webready, our newest integration and website generator.

We're thrilled to introduce a powerful new integration that improves how vacation rental managers on RentalWise are able to present their properties via direct-booking website templates

RentalWise has partnered with Webready, a leading website development platform, to deliver our users an wonderful website experience that leaves a lasting impression on guests while eliminating the risk of double-bookings. This integration empowers property managers, enabling them to streamline their operations, expand their guest base, and foster business growth through vibrant websites and additional payment methods.

What's new? As a Vacation Rental Platform, RentalWise is committed to continually delivering outstanding new integrations to our users. Our collaboration with Webready marks a significant stride towards achieving this objective, and is a wonderful addition to our core website generator. Here are the pivotal features of this exciting partnership:

Obtain a stunning website for your short-term rental enterprise. Webready boasts a rich array of features that will effortlessly craft a professional-grade website tailored to your specific requirements. These websites are not only aesthetically pleasing but also secure, swift, and crafted to captivate your guests.

Maintain seamless booking synchronization. The RentalWise and Webready connection empowers vacation rental managers to seamlessly link and harmonize their data across both platforms. This integration simplifies operations and guarantees that property details, reservations, and availability are consistently up-to-date.

Boost direct bookings. Webready specializes in creating striking websites that prioritize direct bookings. Through this collaboration, RentalWise vacation rental managers can maximize their revenue potential via direct connections with guests, sidestepping third-party platforms, and reducing commission expenses.

Elevate your online visibility. Webready's proficiency in web development equips vacation rental managers with the tools to craft visually enticing, user-friendly websites that can serve as their primary booking channel. Webready offers a diverse collection of high-quality templates for single and multiple rentals, all customizable to match your unique style and business demands.

Getting started on your journey with the RentalWise and Webready integration is a breeze. Follow these steps to streamline your property management experience:

  1. Sign up for Webready: Visit the Webready website to explore their services and register for an account.

  2. Connect RentalWise and Webready: After establishing your Webready account, seamlessly link it to your RentalWise account following the provided steps. This will enable effortless data synchronization and integration between the two platforms.

  3. Craft your website: With the integration successfully in place, you can now take advantage of the enhanced connectivity, optimized direct bookings, and an improved online presence brought to you by the RentalWise and Webready partnership. Showcase your properties with finesse, streamline your operations, and entice more guests to fuel your business growth.

Are you interested in starting your own Direct Booking Website? Click here to sign up, or learn more about RentalWise, RentalWise Website Generator and our new Partner Integration with Webready.

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