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April 18, 2024

RentalWise, a part of the STR Landscape

We're on the (large) map...

RentalWise is incredibly proud to be recognized as a part of this amazing vacation rental digital ecosystem. We're honored to be named by AJL Atelier as one of 'the players' in this ever expanding field, and we look forward to continuing to support vacation rental owners and managers in the years to come.

Below we include an article from Simon Lehman in it's entirety from AJL Atelier.


  • STR: Short-Term Rental

  • CM: Channel Manager

  • PMS: Property Management Solution

  • RM: Revenue Management Solution

  • Cross-Over: Solutions servicing the Hotel and STR industry

  • OTAs: Online Travel Agency

  • KYC: Know your customer

Key findings from the short-term rental technology landscape

Skift’s CEO Rafat Ali has notably coined the blurring lines between the short-term rentals and hotel industry as the “Great Merging.”

Since then, PMS vendors have recognized this dynamic as well and have been quick to provide the flexibility to service both sides of this coin. This can be seen not only in the respective logos marketed on vendor websites, but also in their integration suites that now include hotel-focused point solutions.

  • The PMS category is the most competitive with 150+ providers

  • The Guest Experience category has shown the fastest growth with new providers and solutions that streamline communications and enhancing the guest stay.

  • We have assembled 400+ providers clustered in 22 subcategories summarizing the best short-term rental technology, based on our intimate knowledge of the industry.

  • AJL Atelier maintains active links with a technology database of over 150+ providers. Do you know about a technology provider that you think should be added to the landscape? Let us know and we will evaluate it with you – we’re always keen to test the latest!

Why create this short-term rental tech landscape?

The short-term rental industry is fragmented, and the landscape of technology providers is complex. The number of technology solutions have grown massively, and it can be difficult to keep up and know which solutions are the right fit for your business. Each of the categories represent key components to operating a successful short-term rental business and the options available to creating the optimal technology stack for your business. We have helped many vacation rental companies save money, time, and resources thanks to better technology over the years, thanks to our on-going testing and reviewing of the latest solutions. We thought we would put the best technology solutions for short-term rental on one page for the industry to see and to benefit.

Why is tech so important in short-term rentals?

Of course, the service element is crucial. That will never go away. But having the right tech helps tremendously. It saves precious time and resources, allows to have leaner, better equipped teams to focus on the most important things. The right tech supercharges short-term rental managers to become more efficient, faster and more profitable.

“The perfect technology stack does not exist. Resort specialists will need different tools than urban experts. It is about picking the solutions that best integrate with your business, teams, and markets. The key is to review your stack regularly: there are new innovative solutions all the time.”

Simon Lehmann, Founder & CEO, AJL Atelier

If you need help getting your vacation rentals started with a PMS and Vacation Rental Platform, RentalWise may be the solution you're looking for with a robust PMS & Channel Manager that seamlessly integrates with many industry leaders for full tech control.

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