Handle more reservations with less effort

Our user-friendly platform will streamline your reservation process, save time and reduce costs by eliminating time-consuming tasks.


RentalWise Reservations Management

Save time and focus on what matters

Keep all reservations, inquiries and guest details organized in one place. Our platform helps you to consolidate reservations and guest details, enabling you to spend more time on reaching new customers and opportunities and worry less about time-consuming tasks.

Easy to use

Edit your reservations and update inquiries with ease on a user-friendly platform. You’ll never have to manage multiple channels at the same time again.

Quick upsell route

No more excuses for not offering additional services. With RentalWise, you can simply add the products and services you need and associate all expenses with a single stay.

Consolidated data

Visualize all your reservations and guest details at a glance and avoid double bookings and costly mistakes in your rental business.

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One place to manage all reservations

Make your life simpler by adding new bookings, updating rates, managing reservations and finding availability quickly on the multicalendar. The color-coded system will help you and your team to gain clarity about availability and rates across all listings. View all your reservations from a variety of online booking sites by connecting your accounts via channel manager.
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Create quotes and book direct

Use the “book now” option to get a quote or make direct bookings to keep track of your business. Our on-of-a-kind intelligent software allows for custom updates on rates and instantly blocks availability on confirmation, so double bookings are eliminated.
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