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Connect leading security solutions and locks for short term rentals to the RentalWise all-in-one vacation rental platform.

RentalWise Yale Lock Integration Benefits

Wise security with RentalWise. Utilize our vacation rental platform for your integrated security system needs, from locks to noise detection and more.

Leading Partners

Top Security & Lock Partners.

RentalWise integrates seamlessly with leading partners for remote locks, door code systems, noise monitoring, smart locks, and more.

RentalWise vacation rental platform is a PMS, Channel Manager, Website Generator, Unified Inbox, Automations Engine, Booking Engine, and so much more with our suite of integrated partners.

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Keep up with the changing landscape of short-term rentals without big costs. RentalWise array of integrations are always free to connect to your existing subscription.

Take advantage of security solutions as well as integrations like dynamic pricing, cleaning operations, guest verificadtion, and business intelligence tools. With RentalWise, you're wise and thriving.

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Started in an Instant.

Maximize Efficiency with RentalWise comprehensive vacation rental platform. Getting started with our free onboarding service gets you connected to your Airbnb,, and Vrbo channels instantly.

We'll help you work to connect other systems, like locks and automate sending of security codes. Make the wise choice to streamline property management, freeing up your time for more important tasks.

Yale Smart Locks

Yale locks for short term rentals with RentalWise

RentalWise vacation rental platform is integrated with Yale Locks, a leader in smart lock system control, to offer seamless and secure property management. Control multiple smart lock systems remotely, ensuring your properties are safe and accessible.

Yale Locks Integration

Yale Locks & RentalWise

Here’s how this powerful smart locks integration for vacation rentals benefits you:

  • Remote Access Control: Manage all your smart locks from a single dashboard. Grant and revoke access to guests, cleaning crews, and maintenance teams with just a few clicks.

  • Automated Access Codes: Generate unique, time-sensitive access codes for each guest, ensuring secure and hassle-free check-ins and check-outs.

RentalWise + Yale

RentalWise + Yale Features

Yale smart locks integration for short term rentals has many amazing features:

  • Real-Time Monitoring: Keep track of who enters and exits your property in real time, providing an added layer of security and peace of mind.

  • Seamless Turnover: Simplify the turnover process for cleaning crews with automated access scheduling, ensuring your property is always ready for the next guest.

  • Enhanced Guest Experience: Improve the guest experience with smooth, keyless entry. No more lost keys or lockout issues, making their stay more enjoyable and stress-free.

Yale for Short Term

Why Choose RentalWise and Yale's RemoteLock?

RentalWise is dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions for vacation rental management. By integrating with Yale locks, we offer a robust security feature that enhances property management, making it more efficient and secure.

Unlock the potential of your property management with RentalWise and Yale Locks. Experience the ultimate in security, convenience, and operational efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions, RentalWise has answers. Don't see your answer below? Contact us to learn more.

I need to reset a previously owned device

Previously-Owned Yale Smart Locks need to be factory reset before they can be set up by a new owner. If you tried setting up a previously-owned device that was not factory reset before you acquired it, Yale needs permission from the previous owner to factory reset the device on their behalf.

It may take up to 30-days for the previous owner to respond to your request. If you purchased the lock directly from a person or 3rd party seller, you may wish to contact them and ask them to reset the device in order to expedite the process. Once the device has been factory reset, you will receive a notification to continue setting up the device.

If you purchased the device from a retailer, please contact them about an exchange.

If I enable Secure Remote Access, will it be enabled for all other device users?
I received a request to factory reset my lock

Solutions & Integrations

RentalWise connects the tools needed to manage vacation rentals

Channel Management

RentalWise has full API synchronization to the world’s top channels. Connect & sync to Airbnb,, Expedia, Holidu, Homeaway, Google Vacation Rentals and Vrbo.

For further distribution and more niche brands, we offer access to 75+ additional channels through our industry leading partner, Rentals United.

Pricing Tools

RentalWise includes robust pricing functionality. Promotions, Coupons, LoS Discounts, Seasonal Rates, and Per Bedroom Pricing are just the start.

We integrate with the leading dynamic pricing solutions for the short term rental industry. Innovators like Pricelabs, Beyond Pricing & Wheelhouse seamlessly connect with RentalWise.

Check-In & Verification

Automate and enhance guest experience with customized check-in pages on your website. Collect guest names and identity documents. Have your guests sign online rental agreements.

For additional layers of protection. Consider more using RentalWise and Superhog for guest verification services and damage insurance coverage.

Operations Tools

Seamlessly schedule and communicate with your reservations and cleaning teams with RentalWise automations. Send alerts about cleanings, early check-ins and other operational needs.

RentalWise operations app integrations offer even more functionality. Consider expanding your team's capabilities with Breezeway to Orion. Get wise, simpify and centralize.

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